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Direct Action Media Academy, Inc. - Vision

DAMA - Empowering Dreams and Lives!

Direct Action Media Academy Inc. (501(c) - Nonprofit Community Service proactively supports people and communities by providing direct training, business building tools and outreach advocacy through advanced technology from a collective of skilled IT technicians, artists, musicians, photographers, entrepreneurs and partnering community agencies. We provide hands on support, outreach, research and expertise to help build futures. Based in Charlotte, North Carolina, we are also proudly serving communities and individuals throughout the country including Baltimore, Maryland and Atlanta, Georgia.

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Empowering Our Communities - Businesses - Youth

DIRECT Youth Tech Development

Our Role Beyond Traditional Education: Because one of the most critical tools needed to give our youth an equal opportunity to achieve on a global level is access to 'productive' technology, we offer proven, structured solutions. We do this by identifying and alleviating any social and/or economic barriers that affect their ability to advance. We promote and encourage their critical thinking development by implementing one-on-one mentoring and tutoring as well as utilizing our national network of media and technology professionals. It's all about inspiring your dreams!

DIRECT Business Building

Our Role Fulfilling Needs: Because businesses don't build themselves, we offer technical assistance to help promote sustainable prosperity. Whether it's an individual or group, we work to give that business all the technology access available. For grassroots nonprofits we publish a professional journal featuring best practices and other successful local/global missions. We also do this through creating direct information exchange partnerships with local community organizations, businesses and municipalities to provide venues to conduct training sessions, workshops and seminars for the entire community while providing more visibility for its efforts via internet and community events. It's all about building on your dreams!

DIRECT Community Support

Our Role in Connecting People: Because of the ever-growing isolation of communities, we've taken on the challenges of supporting positive outcomes. We do this through identifying current and future concerns, assisting in the engineering of successful models featuring content and web applications relevant to the needs and interests of the community. We also assist in developing round-table discussions with community participants and professionals throughout the nation that motivates, supports and further inspires. It's all about empowering your dreams!

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